I was checking out the NCAA mens ice hockey rankings and saw my boys are ranked #1 in all of D1 hockey. The Gophers are a distant second.

Since the Vikes and Twins have forsaken me I will focus on the one team that has given me the most joy as a fan. And by joy I mean screaming insults at Gophers fans at the DECC back when I was a student at UMD in the mid ’90s. I still have my Spehar Sucks t-shirt. I hope at least one reader knows what that means.

Former Bulldog and National Champion Justin Faulk is still playing well for the ‘Canes. He scored his first goal back on Dec 9th. As long as he is in the black and red count me as a Hurricanes fan.
The caption for this picture said Justin was battling for the puck. I am sorry but that puck is clearly his right there.

Since this is a card blog I feel the need to post a card, so here it is.
Very nice, Hobby Backer winner Chris Marinucci. Chris played a few years in the NHL but his best years were in the maroon and Gold.



2 responses to “B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S…

  1. I attended neither school, but I follow both the Golden Gophers and Bulldogs when it comes to hockey. Its been a good year for both teams, and as a fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I hate to say it but next year the Penn State Icers will be starting division 1 men & women’s hockey and it will be vicious for some schools! The women’s team will be belting out some serious skills and punishment! I’m not even a psu fan but they are good and I have to give them the due respect!

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