Gridiron Gear review…

The football season is nearing its end but football cards are still dropping fast and furious.

One of the latest from Panini is Gridiron Gear. It’s a nice solid mid range product that will run you about $75 on ebay and gives you 4 hits in 18 packs with 8 cards a pack. When you are done you have a pretty nice stack of cards.

This is another one of those Panini products I wish they would just call Panini football. It’s a nice offering and I really think it would go over very well as a “flagship” release.
A solid design. Once again the Panini designers use the team colors in the design, something I love.
They also have a mess of foil “X” parallels. These are OK and add a little something for player collectors to chase.

They also have base rookies.
They mix it up with a slightly different design, a design I like more than the base. It looks a little like this years Elite. They also have the foil parallels. I have been pulling D Moore in just about every product this year, not that I am complaining.
Once again a little different form the typical veteran base. On the veteran the “X” is negative space, and on the rookies the “X” is foil.

My best hit of the box was probably this guy.
Redskin’s rookie runner numbered to 25. I really like the light blue silver, it’s a solid looking card.

A surprising low number for a Panini set.

A simple enough card that looks cool. Gronk is tearing it up this year so he is always a nice addition. I pulled about 4 of these. The sideways look looks cool.

OK, I have to qualify this comment by saying I like this design…but… with Mario’s red uni this particular card is a little hard to look at.

The base design works well to drop a round relic right in the middle, very well done. This is a prime piece but is a single color. They can’t all be multi color. You can tell by the texture of the piece it’s either for number or name.

I like the look of these cards. It reminds me of R&S Freshmen Orientation relics. Cobb’s head looks really big in that picture.

I was really excited to pull this guy.
Ever since his first auto’s hit earlier in the season I wanted one, and now he is mine. A card is so such sweeter when pack pulled. I will point out his signature got cut off a little on the bottom of the sticker, but I am still cised. Raiders unis sure look good on cardboard don’t they?

I also pulled a redemption for a rookie auto of Bills RB Johnny White.

I dig the set and it was a fun break.



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