A good day…

Today is my birthday and my dad gave me some sweet presents. He is a huge collector himself so he always gives sweet stuff. This year’s theme is basketball.

The first card he gave me was one of my favorite players in any sport.
This card was once a powerhouse and is still a very welcome addition. Tim is a sure fire HOFer and one of the true greats of his generation. Guys like Iverson and Vince Carter had more hype but Tim has the rings, and in the end that’s what’s it’s all about. The card is actually graded, a PSA 8. I think I will keep it in the graded case since it was a gift.

The next is also pretty badass.
An honest to goodness supercard.

This is a card I have wanted for a long time. Both in his days in Minny and then when he took the Celtics to the Promised Land Finest has been his best card. It’s not worth nearly as much as it’s peak but it is still an iconic card of one of the few NBA players anyone in Minnesota could ever get excited about.

Rookies of two future HOFers from the old dad for my birthday, not too bad.

It’s awesome having a dad that collects.



One response to “A good day…

  1. Happy Birthday Kevin! Have a great day man!

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