Year in review, funnest breaks…

This isn’t the best pulls or most amazing break hit wise or even best value. This is what I consider to be the products that were most fun to break. Granted I don’t open every product so this is based on the 25-30 boxes I had the pleasure to bust this past year.

The fist is a product I have been a fan of for many years. Topps Update. This was a fun break based on the number of rookies
and some fun parallels
Nothing earth shattering, no monster hits but just a lot of fun checking out cards of the new guys in the league. Dudes like Mike Trout and Hossmer getting their first true Topps card.

The all-star game cards are cool and I really like them more than I should.

The cognac parallels received some ire from fans but I think they add a lot to the break. They are nice for team and player collectors and look nice in a binder.

What really sealed update as a winner was the retired player parallels. Giving me what is probubly my favorite card of the year.

Update, like Topps series 1&2 is just a good old fashion fun break.

Next is a product is one I liked a lot and had a great time opening. Plates and Patches.

The real key to the fun of this break was the packaging. It’s a one pack deal in a nice hinged outer box and little box inside had a fun high roller feel for just about $100.

You also got a nice stack of solid cards…
…including some solid mid level beauties…
…and a shot at some really sweet hits.

I didn’t pull any p those big hits but still had fun opening my box and that’s what this post is about.

My number one fun break is something that would have made the list since ’07. Elite Extra Edition.

I opened two boxes of EEE and both were a blast. The first was a hot box and was amazing. 10 autos is always gonna be a good time.

The autos are what we look for…
…but there are plenty of nice parallels…
…and inserts.

One thing that tends to happen in the hit driven era we live in is that a pack with no hit is just tossed aside or at least scanned pretty quickly. With EEE each pack held my interest. The base cards were cool and loaded with top prospects and with one inserts parallel or auto in seemingly every pack you had something cool to check out.

I have always enjoyed busting EEE and this year was no different. I can’t wait for 2011 to drop in a few days.

What about ya’ll, what was your pick for most fun break?



3 responses to “Year in review, funnest breaks…

  1. EEE baseball was definitely my favorite, and if the prices come down to earth for the 2011 set I might get into busting some of those as well (especially if you’d like to do some sort of group break)

    • What is presell on them, like 100 bucks?

      • Yeah, and 2K per 20 box case. Of course you’re guaranteed something like 136 hits thanks to hot boxes, but $100/box to start with is too much for me. Last year’s were closer to $70 when I got Blowout or D&A (can’t remember which) to do something like $60/box for I think 6 boxes.

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