My favorite card of the year…

I thought it would be a challenge to pick my favorite card of 2011. As I was working on the review of funnest breaks I was reminded how much I loved the Darryl Strawberry SP from Topps update. It is hands down my favorite card of the year.


It has it all. It’s an SP so it carries some swagger. It’s a great design and the picture fits the card perfectly. It is a great image of the Strawman. He is in his classic batting stance, foot raised ready to jack one. He is in the badass Mets ’80s road unis. Someone needs to bring back the pullover jersey.

A great looking card and my favorite of the year.



3 responses to “My favorite card of the year…

  1. Love that it was taken at Wrigley Field. Can almost hear Harry Carey on WGN as I foundly recall growing up.

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