Year in review, best product of the year…

There was no doubt in my mind what would be my choice for best set of the year.
I loved this set. It wins on so many accounts.

The design is great. I like the brightly colored simple geometric look. Part of what got me at first was how different this set was versus previous Classic sets. In the past it had been very brown in nature. This was such a welcome change.

The set also had one of my favorite autos sets of the year.
A nice on-card variant auto of the base design. Simple yet perfect.

I also really liked these
Once again simple and on-card.

Another huge bonus is I pulled a complete base set from a single box! That almost never happens anymore.

The set had 4 hits per box, the two autos and two relics.
Pretty cool looking.

There were a bunch of cool enough inserts and parallels.

It’s not the biggest or most hit heavy but it is just a nice looking set with some cool hits. You can pick up a box for around $80 on ebay and is well worth the money.

Hands down my favorite of the year.



2 responses to “Year in review, best product of the year…

  1. I had forgotten all about how good Adrian Dantley was. You don’t hear his name mentioned too often.

  2. i have to agree, there is something about these cards that pull at you – the design works

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