The year that was…

2011 in the in books. It was a solid year for the ol’ Mojo Beard.

We won the best new blog Gummie, Beardy lit up the blog-o-sphere and message boards with his Monopoly parody set and we had some great numbers.

In 2011 we had a little over 120,000 views. Eve a social science degree holder like myself can break that down to about 10,000 views a month and just fewer than 330 views a day. Not to bad.

The top search engine term was Mike Flacco with 605.
Some other notables were:
Jimmie Hendrix Voodoo Child 423
Mojo Beadry with 305
Topps Monopoly with 169
Howie Longs Wife with 101

and my personal favorite
Bonuser with 3

Our top referrer were
Badwax with 2648
The Blogroll with 2562

We also got 3 references from Google France.

Maybe no one cares but I think it’s interesting.



One response to “The year that was…

  1. That Topps Monopoly set was and is nails.

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