My thoughts on the Winter Classic…

I love the concept of the Winter classic. How is that for a qualifier.

I watched part of todays game but after a few minutes it was just like watching any other game. Unless they pulled back you couldn’t tell they were outside. It didn’t feel like winter.

Bob Costas did his overly dramatic deal about players first picking up the game on outside rinks and ponds. Showing production piece of folks on legit ponds with deep snow all around. Then cut to the actual stadium were it’s in the ’40s and no snow to be found. They even cover the ground with white tarps or whatever to make it look more wintery. It was the same thing last year.

They need to move the game so it is actually a winter classic. The first year in Buffalo was great. Lately it’s been kinda lame. They need to get out of the east coast cities, that frankly overplay their winters and move to places with real winter. Mainly Minnesota.

Play a game at Target Field. Let the Wild host. Show what winter is really all about. The Wild have actual had an OK season (minus the last 10 games or so) They could be a real contender.
They could play Detroit, make it an all midwest affair.

Also move it back a little. Have in mid-winter where you are guaranteed to have cold weather. Maybe make it a Valentines day thing. It needs close to zero temps and snow flurries. Give it a real pond feel and have the players take the snow off between periods with shovels.

When I was in college at UMD we used to get up at about 6am to go out and play on outdoor rinks. It would be well bellow zero and it took a half an hour to get the ice cleared. That was true outdoor hockey. Most fun I ever had playing. There’s an idea, host it in Duluth. They could play on Lake Superior.

If not Minny at least a place like Detroit or Denver. Their just aren’t many teams left in real cold weather US cities.



4 responses to “My thoughts on the Winter Classic…

  1. I was able to watch part of the Classic today. Mostly the 3d period. I don’t know that it has to be hosted in an NHL city. Take it to Duluth. That would be great. I also don’t have a problem with changing the date. I like the idea that of the players clearing the ice.

    Make it pond hockey. The ice is ripply and one side of the rink has roots coming up through the ice. Have at least one player wearing girls figure skates and another wearing long race skates. For the first five minutes, let one team be short a man. To make it even, have the other team be short a man at the end because it is dinner time.

    • At one point every player has to be searching around in the snow outside the rink trying to find the puck after someone lifted it over the boards.

  2. If it ever comes to Minnesota, it should be at TCF Bank Stadium. I think the seating there would be better for a hockey game. It should be Minnesota vs. Chicago, and let the Wild wear the North Stars jersey! A man can dream, right?

  3. Target Field would rock! Heck, they are even hosting a country concert there this summer. I agree with you Kevin, have it in a cold weather city.

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