Post season picks…

The NFL season is over and the playoff picture is set.

I offer my picks for winning the Super Bowl. This isn’t a breakdown of mach ups or a bracket of any type this is just a simple prioritized list of who I would like to see win based on nothing more than my opinions.

#1 Steelers
I was born in the ‘burgh in the ’70s so I am black and gold through and through.
I am all about a 7th ring. If Ben gets a third where does that place him on the top QB list?

#2 Broncos, aka the Tebows
I like Tebow. Not sure why but I like cheering for him and the Broncos. They helped add some real excitement to the season.
I have a hate for the haters and would love to see them have to deal with a ring on Timmy-boys finger. I also really like Von Miller.

#3 New York football Giants
My dad is a New Yorker and huge giants fan, so I wouldn’t mind seeing his boys get another ring.
Cruz has a been a beast and I have always liked the younger Manning.

#4 Cincy
This is based on just two guys.
I would love to see a couple rookies lead their team to a ring.

Beyond that I don’t really care. I wouldn’t mind seeing Detroit win just to see the city stick it to Matt Millen.

I don’t have any ill will towards the Packers players but I hope they don’t win. Cheese heads are annoying enough already.


3 responses to “Post season picks…

  1. “…just to see the city stick it to Matt Millen.”
    Nice. Very nice.

  2. I’d like to see a 49er’s-Steelers Super Bowl.

  3. I love so many of your posts, and you do a great job. But why do you always have to remind me of your rooting interests lol. They’re so darned opposite of mine! Other than the Bengals, you could flip this list and make it my “teams I hope lose the fastest” list lol.

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