I have really enjoyed watching basketball the last few days. I guess distance does make the heart grow fonder.

The T-wolves have dropped their first two, but at least hung in there. K-Love has been lighting it up, he scored 31 with 20 boards against Milwaukee, them is some solid numbers. Beasley is still playing well too. I still need one of his SPA patch/atuo rookies, so if anyone has one for trade let me know.

The start of the season has prompted me to pull out some older bball cards. One card I forget about that I really like is this.
As a little white kid that played ball in the early ’90s Stockton was a hero. One of the all-time greats. Too bad he never got his ring.

This card is one in a long line of great late ’90s hoops inserts. Low numbered to just 1300. Incase you can’t tell from the scan it’s printed on wood. Pretty cool looking card. It has a slight crease which on wood translated to a slight break. A little putty and some sanding should take care of it.


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