The playoffs start in two days so what better time to check out another one of Panini’s 2011 Football releases?

Certified has been around a while and is a tried and true 4 hit per box product.

The base design is really nice.
I love the background; it makes the player look like he is coming off the card. The foil and hologramy effect make for a spectacular look in person. One of the better looking base cards of the year. I really like that they kept the photo backgrounds in the design, it adds nice depth.

The set also has some cool photos.
Gates aint gonna be stopped by someone hanging on to his jersey.

There are a mess of numbered parallels, my best being this Austin numbered to 25.


This is my favorite for obvious reasons.
Steelers at Broncos should prove to be an interesting game this weekend.

The more traditional border of this design is a nice change from the base cards. It really helps the card stand out. Panini does that in a lot of product. Gives an insert or two a traditional design, a nice juxtapose to the ore modern design of much of their cards.

This is a nice enough rookie themed insert set. They mirror surface looks better in person.

This is a nice looking variation on the base design.
I like the different effect on the background here.


I got two Shirt of my Back relics.
I have been pulling a lot of this dudes relics this year. I hope he and his boys do all right in the Playoffs.
This is the biggest name rookie of the box. Too bad an injury will keep him out of playoff action.

Similar to hockey these aren’t my favorites. The multi piece variations do look good though.

The big hit was pretty solid.
Taiwan isn’t the biggest rookie name but a prime piece is always welcome. The card is nice and thick and is impressive in hand. A very nice hit quality wise.

It was a fun break with some solid looking cards.

This years amazing rookie class make just about any 2011 product worth a look.



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