The sports world has it’s eye’s on LA, Clippers that is. The addition of Chris Paul to dunk machine Blake Griffin is pretty darn exciting.

Personally if I am gonna go after a dunk machine I am going to look a little deeper. Back about 20 years.
How great was this card?

Shawn came out of high school (after an unsuccessful go at the college thing) and started tearing up the Pacific Northwest with his rim rocking dunks. Did I really just say rim rocking?

His dunks were amazing making him a regular face on the early years of NBA Inside Stuff. I loved that show.

The first year of Sky box was very exciting. The gold border and high tech backgrounds had collectors drooling. The biggest cards from the set were David Robinson and Jordan but Shawn quickly became the top rookie of the set.

The card isn’t worth a ton of cash but is still badass.


2 responses to “Throwdown…

  1. I remember when these cards came out they blew every other card away. Even the team logo cards sold for a buck or so (depending on the team, obviously). I’ve got a whole case of this stuff sitting in my basement waited to get busted. In the past week I’ve busted cases of 90-91 & 91-92 Fleer and just finished a 89-90 Hoops series one case last night. Talk about having flashbacks to my childhood!

  2. I really don’t even follow basketball, but I remember buying a box of this and even putting together the set… I pulled 3 copies of the Admiral card and used that as bait to get pretty much everything I was missing…
    I don’t remember the Kemp card ever being sought after, BUT I was a big Kemp fan – I think I still have a few of his Starting Line Up figures hanging around somewhere..

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