I believe!..and I lost…

Wow, that was a hell of a crazy game. From the get go I was nervous. My boys in black and gold were a little beat up and it doesn’t pay to underestimate this Broncos team.

I would have loved for the Steelers to add a 7th ring, but honestly I am pretty OK with what happened.

He would never say but you have to guess Tim Tebow has a pretty big chip on his shoulder after all the nay saying. Tebow has done a few things as a QB that you can’t discount.


-Led his team to the playoffs
-Won a Playoff game
-Threw an 80 yard TD on the first snap of overtime
-Threw twice the TDs as interceptions for the season (a big deal)
-Don’t forget the fact he won 2 national titles in college.


He is a winner.

I still don’t get the hate some have for Tebow. Then again I don’t understand hate in general. One of my co-workers recently told me in jest that she didn’t like the fact that I like everyone, or more correctly don’t have a problem with anyone. I just don’t see the sense in wasting time getting mad.

Tebow is:
Good for the NFL
Good for the hobby

Love him or not he sure help make for an exciting season and so far a very exciting playoffs.



4 responses to “I believe!..and I lost…

  1. I wish I were more like you, in general, not specifically about Tebow.

  2. I agree – good for Tebow. I don’t think he’ll ever be the best QB in the league or anything – but I also don’t understand the hate.

    I understand rooting for someone to fail. I root for the Jets to fail because I’m sick of Rex Ryan and their general disrespect for everyone they play and inability to take accountability for their actions. But I don’t understand all the people rooting for Tebow to fail. He’s a hard working guy who’s making the best of his opportunity and is a positive influence on everyone around him. Compare that with Rex’s boasting, Santonio Holmes quitting on his team or Ndamukong Suh stomping on a player he can’t get the best of. I’ll root for a guy like Tebow over that every time.

  3. A lot of the Tebow hate has to do with his followers on message boards. Anytime he does well, a lot of his fans quote bible passages and talk about how he’s a good Christian and things get…weird. I went to Catholic High School, but I’m a big proponent of being tolerant of others, and it’s hard for others (i.e. agnostics like myself, atheists,, jews, muslims, etc.) to support Tebow when so many of his followers force their opinions down your throat through Tebow’s actions.

    That said, Tebow himself I can deal with. He’s really religious and wears it on his sleeve and that’s fine…that’s his belief. But when others force his beliefs through him, as I’ve read on many message boards…that’s when it gets tough to root for the guy. He sort of becomes their messiah who they advertise their throughts and beliefs through…just let the guy be himself and cheer him on as a football fan.

    • I just ignore. In general I stay away from message boards, it just seems like all they do is cause pain and grief.

      Tebow is far from the first athlete to put forth his christianity. At least he seems to practice what he preaches.

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