New Ginter aka Ken Ginter Jr…

Topps dropped some preview images of 2012 Allen and Ginter. Specifically the auto/relic design.

The Ginter autos are one of the most popular all time.
We love the:

– Little Mini card in the frame
– On card autos
– The crazy colorful designs of the frame
– Great player selection

This year we get many of those, but not all of them.


I like the Griffey card. I am really glad Topps went with the old school Seattle Griffey.


Why the boring black border?

Where is the crazy old school flower design of the past 6 years? This looks too much like Mayo or T206.

Maybe it will grow on me, I hope so.



9 responses to “New Ginter aka Ken Ginter Jr…

  1. It doesn’t look very Gintery to me either. I thought of Mayo right away as well.

  2. Wow. (silence)

  3. I guess I am the weirdo because I like this a lot more than previous Ginter relics. They were pretty cool too, but these just look great to me.

  4. I always hated the colored bordered autos and relics. I think they just look stupid in the past. The black looks way better. I actually think they should do away with the border altogether and just have auto and relic minis.

  5. Beautiful!

  6. People seem pretty divided over the black borders. I’m with you–they are too dull for my liking, especially to the bright colors and ebullient designs that we’ve come to expect from Ginter. Of course, I think that this Griffey card is gorgeous, and I’m sure that the cards will ultimately go over very well (and that I will, in fact, like them). But for now, I can’t help but think that these are a little to serious for Ginter.

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