The kindness of Hokies…

Spankee and I just did a little card swap and here is what I got from my friend in orange and maroon.

Spank-dog pulled this in one of the packs from his 12 days of X-mas deal. I really like the look of the card. The blue embossing looks good with Timmy boys Gators uni.

Even though he beat my boys I am still a fan.

The next card was another sweet one.
I was a big Chester fan when he was in the purple and gold. He was in many ways the Chris carter to APs Randy Moss. A nice looking card of a player I like, can’t ask for much more.

The last card was the big winner.
Herbie looks damn near fit in that picture, it kinda bothers me. I like my herbie nice and fat.

Thanks Spankee, sorry your boys lost the other night.

In related news I have some sick cards I got from Dennis, who is in a good mood after the Suger Bowl, that I will be posting in the next few days.



2 responses to “The kindness of Hokies…

  1. Glad you like them. And thanks for mentioning Dennis at the end of the post. That was a very Wahoo thing to do. I’m glad I got you the Tebow just in time for him to go nuts in OT in the playoffs. Insane.

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