Giants under the radar…

The sports medias obsession with all things Tebow took attention away from the Giants handed ass whooping of the Falcons.

The other New York football team beat the dog#$&* out of Matt Ryan and his boys. Even the measly 2 points on the Falcons side of the board were really scored by a Giants misstep more than anything else.

The younger Manning is proving to be a clutch QB.
Don’t let the “ah shucks” act fool you.

In my opinion Eli and his boys are the team to fear.

I like the Giants and have a pretty nice collection of their cards.
Nicks and Victor Cruz are tearing it up. The two of them were good for over 2500 yards combined during the season, many being game changers. Nicks averaged over 15 yards per catch. Not too shabby.

When these guys get hot forget about it. They could really tear up the Packers secondary.

These two guys have lost a half step over the year but both can step up when needed. A more than decent RB tandem, especially considering they are a 4th and 7th round picks.

I have a sizable Mathias Kiwanuka rookie collection. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened.
I really like that Finest card, it’s very green.

The Giants seemed poised to play spoiler to Green Bay. They do have experience as a monster killer.



One response to “Giants under the radar…

  1. I moved to just a little outside the NYC area (OK, OK, yes, it’s New Jersey) 2 years ago. I’ve heard more about the Giants than Tebow, but that may be where I live and even here it’s close.

    It’s interesting you call them the other NY team ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no New York rooting interest, but I’m totally pulling for the Giants these days, just because I became so sick of hearing about Rex and his Jets. They talk alot for having accomplished so little. They’ve never actually won a TITLE, not even a division! I loved Eli’s subtle dig at the Jets after they beat the Falcons – “the first playoff win at the new stadium”. Completely pointing out that they won a home playoff game before the Jets did in the new building!

    I do think there are more Giants fans than Jets fans in the whole greater NY area – it’s just that the fans are often, like their team, not nearly as loud and boisterous. And I get the impression they are the more loyal fan base.

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