Pretty badass collection if i say so myself…

Check out my sweet Jeff George rookie collection.

I’ve shown this guy before but here he is again.
Pretty sweet. The blue border goes very well with the orange of his Illini uniform. The Illini uni if a key fixture of the Jeff George rookie collection.

This may be the best of the bunch. It is a sick photo. JG looking down the line ready to take the snap. You also can’t beat the horrible 1990 Topps football design. One of the worst but strangely cool in retrospect.

Another great card. I like the picture, almost as if Jeff is looking to his coach as if to say, “What should I do now?” I am a big fan of the old school Converse cleats.

We finish of with a pair of Pro-set rookies.
One in his Illini gear one as a Colt. I can’t be sure but I think I see a little taste of mullet coming out of his helmet on the card on the right.

Take a look at all these cards; I think Jeff liked to tuck his jersey into his hip pads. Maybe he thought it brought him luck.

The back of the Colts card is also sweet.
Say what you will about the man but he has a kick butt mustache. I also like the tie, classy yet understated.

Jeff never lived up to the hype but did have a nice season with Minny in 1999 going 8-2 in 10 starts.

I just need his Action Packed rookie to round out the set. So if you have one for trade let me know.



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