The man with no Logo, Elite Extra Edition review part 1…

EEE dropped about a week ago and we got the normal parade of prospects and something new, Pros.

As most of you know Panini acquired an MLBPA license and included professional players sans logos. The reaction from collectors has been mixed.

Here are a few scans of the some of the pro cards I pulled from my box form Panini.

We get players in solid color t-shirts. This has received criticism from some. With no logos you only have a few options. This is a different look at players; they have a mix of posed and sorta casual shots.

Above all else this is something new in the baseball realm, something many have been calling for. I am also gonna guess this is just a first step for Panini.

A couple of Cy Young winners, and a couple of AL MVPs.

A few observations. The guys with out hats seem to have slightly over styled hair. Look at Justin and Clayton up there.

Speaking of hair where is Dustin’s? That Predroia picture is one of the most awkward I have ever seen of a player, he looks like an old man.

The Adam Jones is my favorite. The picture really fills the space well. The Granderson also looks pretty darn good.

They also have rookies.
These rule for the old school Rated Rookie logo. The Pineda is another nice looking card. Looks like Hellickson’s hair is heading to the same place as Pedroia.

The biggest cards of the Pros are a couple of guys from 2001.
This is his first card with LA. The funny thing is both his new and old team have the same colors. They probably didn’t even need to photoshop his shirt color. I like the card.

In my opinion the best looking of the pro cards is this guy.
It’s the least obvious as far as not having any logos. It would look great in any baseball set, license or not.

I think Panini did a fine job considering their lack of an MLB license. I hope they get one soon. I miss Donruss.

So thoughts on these cards?



13 responses to “The man with no Logo, Elite Extra Edition review part 1…

  1. Sorry Panini (and Panini fans), I’m not spending money for cards of baseball players wearing t-shirts.

  2. More miss than hit, but not terrible. I actually don’t care for the Rated Rookie logo on these cards. The cards seem too shiny and fancy for an old school logo.

  3. wes moore jaybarkerfan

    I guess it’s a good effort on their part. I just don’t like the players without their uni’s. Just seems pointless to me.

  4. I’d rather seem them go further and show the players as people. Give me a man and his hobby or his pet, etc. Something a little more creative than ballplayer in a colored t-shirt. May something like this even, Lincecum with his dog,

  5. Man I just have to have that balding Dustin Pedroia card.


  6. I kind of like these; they are something different. These let us focus more on “Jeremy Hellickson” the person rather than, “that Rays prospect”. Wish they weren’t shiney though.

  7. The Ichiro card is a perfect example of how they could have photographed most of the players in their uniforms. I understand the time requirements for removing logos from an action shot but with a studio photo shoot a player in uniform could be covered by a proper placement of the players glove, a hat (plain but in team colors) or bat and those logos easily disappear.

    I think if Panini had at least used uniform shots people may have taken to them a bit more in comparison to the photos used.

  8. I find that Ichiro card somewhat disturbing, not sure why. To each his own, these don’t do anything for me. But I think you are seeing a future with logo’s. We can only hope. I’m tired of this monopoly.

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