Pinnacle photo greatness…

I was scanning cards for a review of the Pinnacle box from Panini I opened last night. Typically I go through and pick out a couple of base cards. Either guys from one of my teams or cards with particularly nice or interesting pictures. After shuffling through the stack and pulling out cool photos I found I had a huge pile.

This set has so many amazing photos.
Look at that shot! The photographer caught the puck in mid-flight, EraT reaching to grab it out of the air. It also looks like he is about to get a cross check across the back.

At first glane you see Thomas Vanek with a nice little first pump after scoring a goal. Then you closer and notice the goalie on the ice in the background, his water bottle lying on the ice behind the net and Clark about to hit his stick against the board in frustration. What a great shot.

I will get the review up in a few days but had to show a few of these pictures. There are many more to follow.



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