Puppy love, ’80s style…

I busted a box of Panini Pinnacle last night and had a major pull (actually my son did but he gave it to me). A pull that wasn’t even a hockey player.

We pulled a redemption for an Alyssa Milano Fan of the Game auto.
It’s pretty well known Sam Micelli is a big time baseball fan, apparently she is equally as big a fan of the LA Kings.

Alyssa Milano was a big time object of affection for many young men. That feeling only seemed to grow as she got older.

Once the card arives it’s going right next to this beauty.
My very own ’80s dream girl collection.

Now I just need a Kari Wuhrer card.



3 responses to “Puppy love, ’80s style…

  1. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………….tiffany!

  2. Debbie Gibson has to make the list

  3. Alyssa Milano…nice! Wicked, stand by to seem some Debbie Gibson over at PATP.

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