Too many Twins (and Vikings and T-wolves)…

Dennis from Too Many Verlanders busted a mess of 2010 Press Pass and pulled like 200 Joe Webb on card autos.I saw them and had to have one. We worked out a trade and today my spoils arrived.
A pretty nice looking card and who doesn’t love on card. Joe has a nice signature.

In the trade we worked out I sent him a handful of stuff and he agreed to send me the Webb and this beauty.
I didn’t buy much Topps this year so didn’t pull any of these. Very nice.

The box that arrived, and it was a box, was stuffed with cards. Hundreds of them. Too call it a bonus doesn’t do it justice.

Here are a few of the highlights.
The first cards I flipped through were about 50 Kevin Garnett cards. These four represent my favorites.

I also got a nice chunk of a little bit older school Twins rookies.
Denny had success on the mound but little success off the field. Luckily for him he didn’t do time for his soliciting a prostitute arrest.

This isn’t David’s RC it’s from his 2nd year, still a great card. I don’t have many early Ortiz Twins cards so this is a nice addition.

I love Doug, one of the great defensive 1st basemen of his generation. I love the look of the card.

I love Matt Lecroy, he was one of my favorite Twins. A refractor rookie of the big man is awesome.

I also got some very nice cards of a few Twins greats.

Moliter + Sports Flicks = greater than the sum of its parts.

This may be my favorite.
Puckett held a pool tourney in MN back in the day. The Cosby sweater pushes it over the top.

The card up top is Kirby receiving the recognition he deserved.

The card on the bottom has the two greatest guys to ever enter the Metrodome. A perfect card.

That’s all for now. I will get more scans up over the next few weeks, or months as it may be.

Thanks Dennis, this was way more than I expected.



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