Score with Score part 1…

I loved Score back in the day. The inaugural ’88 release really caught my imagination as a young collector. It was the first set I ever completed.

Along the way I still favored Score over the other sets of the day. I loved the solid bright colors of the borders looked good then and still look good today.

I want to combine my love of early Score with a review of some of the hyped rookies of the time. Here is the first of many, well at least a few.

Remember when Olerud was a big deal? If you do you’ve been around a while. He had cards in most of the big sets but this is the best of the bunch. The blue border and the little “1990 Rookie” just look great.

John O had solid career. His stats are noting to scoff at:
.295 lifetime batting average
2239 career hits
255 career HRs
1230 RBIs
and an AL batting title in 1993

A couple of WS rings never hurts either.

He didn’t quit live up to the hype but I wouldn’t turn to a career like that.



3 responses to “Score with Score part 1…

  1. I’m a Score fan too. Though you didn’t show one here, I thought the backs really delivered. Olerud certainly had a solid career. As a NL fan I didn’t follow him much but the numbers are there.

  2. The best part of score was the in depth player profiles they put together on the back. ’88’s were the first box I ever received. Had a blast opening them.

  3. Out of all the late 80’s and early 90’s Score designs this one is my favorite.

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