Elite Extra Edition review part 2…

I love prospecting. I love prospect autos. Therefore I love EEE.

It has become one of the products I look forward to the most in any sport.

This years set follows the same formula as the last few years. 6 autos (10 if you hit a hot box) for about $90.

The big chatter this year revolves around the inclusion on MLB pros with their recent MLBPA license. I covered that in part one so I will just drop one scan in case you missed it.

The set has a nice enough design.
I like the wood grain design along the bottom. It’s hard to see in the scan. The foil kinda overwhelms the wood. I almost wish they had downplayed the foil a little and let the wood grain take center stage.

The autos are the true stars of the show so lets get to them already.

The lay out and makeup is the same as years past. The base auto production runs vary from the 400-800s. The set has a deep checklist so the chance of at least a few sleepers, the next David Freese perhaps?

There are a number of lower numbered variations. I was luck enough to pull a few.
Auto and die-cut. I really like the die-cutting on EEE especially the rounded top corners. I also got a few base non-auto versions.
Anthony Meo is a blue version. I think the blue background add a lot to the design. The base die-cuts don’t have the rounded top corners. I wish they did, I think it adds a lot.

The best card of the box was also an Anthony Meo card.
I sure hope he hits it big, I will be sitting pretty. I don’t remember colored autos in the past. This guy is numbered to 25 and is pretty sweet.

I pulled one on-card auto. The real stars of the show.
The on-card guys are mainly 1st rounders and look great. Most boxes have two but mine had just the one, but that’s OK because in it’s place I got this.
Who doesn’t like duel autos? This is of Mets prospects. most of these building block cards seem to be of players on the same team. They also have triples. A few are of top prospects form different teams.
I guess they are both outfielders so that must be the connection. A fine looking design. This may sound strange but I like the use of brick motif, it alost looks like dirt, it’s very baseball.

There are a few other inserts.

Elite Series makes a return. These have a nice design. They remind me of the preview images for the up-coming Contenders baseball.

These are cool, highlighting prospects that are multi-sport talents.

These have a Yearbook theme and look. I think these are meant to replace the School colors cards. These are fine but i miss School colors.

Another fine release of the tried and true brand. The inclusion of the MLBPA cards are overshadowing the rest of the set, which is unfortunate, this is a solid release and worth a look.



7 responses to “Elite Extra Edition review part 2…

  1. If the Gerrit Cole’s available, I’d be interested in trading for it whenever we deal next.

  2. Is that dual Mets auto available?

  3. I’m interested in the Josh Bell and G Cole cards if they are available

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