How times have changed…

I was going through my collection, specifically the cards in toploaders, for an upcoming post on HOFer rookies and came across a few cards that caught my attention. Cards that no-longer rate a toploader that I never got around to pulling and putting in a binder.

It reminded me how fleeting our hobby can be.

First are a couple of Japanese imports.

In the mid ’00s everyone was looking for the next Ichiro. The Mariners tried to up their game when they signed this guy.
To be fair he had a decent season in 2010, hitting over 20 HR with 90+ RBIs and a .303 average. Problem was it was back in Japan. I still like the guy, but I don’t think his cards have much upside anymore.

Johjima was a bit of a disappointment but nothing compared to this dude.
Fukudome was supposed to be more than a guy with a name that sounded dirty. He has yet to live up to the hype.

I have three of his UD rookies up there. When I first pulled them they were easily $10 cards, now not so much. It’s still a great looking card though.

Next we head to the court. Anyone collecting bball in the mid ’00s remembers this guy.
Mustache here was drafted #3 overall. The hype around im was huge, he was even the face on Topps wax packs that year, along side Larry Bird. Just a little bit of pressure on the man from Gonzaga.

2006-07 Topps basketball had a really nice design, too bad the rookie class stunk.

To be fair he does have two rings with the Lakers, but he was mainly relegated to a deep bench player. He is currently playing in Turkey.

I really need to go through my collection and make some moves.



3 responses to “How times have changed…

  1. Players like this are why I will never be a prospector at least not the way the market goes for these guys. Look at Bryce Harper, the guy will have to have a first ballot Hall of Fame career in order to justify the prices on most of his cards. That’s a bit of pressure before taking your first MLB at-bat.

  2. I guess we all have holes in our knowledge bases but am I ignorant if I say I’ve never heard of Adam Morrison?

    • He was the 2006 college player of the year and a big deal in bball. He was probably best known for crying when he and Gonzaga lost to UCLA in the sweet 16.

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