Fun, Funner, Funnest…

I love a fun break, a break that is both enjoyable and yields some nice cards.

Too often we get stuck in defining a box with this formula:

good box = ebay value of cards > cost of the box

I propose this formula

good box = fun to open + cards you like

A prime example of this was a box of ’09 Finest football I opened a few years ago.

I bought my box for about $100 looking to get one specific card.
A realistic expectation. I wasn’t looking for a superfractor or anything, just a nice copy of #4s first card in the purple and gold.

Finest had a nice design in ’09. The chrome of the cards looks great and really makes for a nice ala round presentation. Through in a little refractorness and they look awesome.
I think they fell about one ‘fractor per box. One per pack is the perfect ‘fractor to regular card ratio or

1 ‘frator : 1 pack = just right

in addition to the base refractors I also found a nice selection of other ‘fractors.
Not a traditional blue but still. We did learn a few months ago blue of the finest of the fractors.

I also hit this beauty.
A very nice hit indeed. I loved the pigskin-fractor. I am not sure why they stopped making them.

In hindsight this is probably the best card of the box. It is numbered to a low 25 and LeSean has increased his production pretty steadily over his 3 year career.

The point is variety of ‘fractors makes a great break. I will stick with the formula theme and say this.

break enjoyment α the variety of ‘fractors

Finest used to be one of those sets where the big rookies were very hard to get auto variants. This does a lot for value of the hits, but since value = scarcity most breaks aint gonna get you the good rookies.

Finest wised up and made regular old base RCs. In my box I hit most of the good rookies including this dude.

In just about every pack I found a rookie (in many cases a 1st or 2nd rounder) and a ‘fractor of some sort. Every single pack was fun.

I am not saying hits are bad. They are great but you can’t be too hit focused.

The hits in here were solid.
Nice enough looking. A variation on the base design. An auto and a relic, something for everyone.

I used to dislike auto manu-patch cards but this is the card that turned me around. It has a nice feel in your hand it looks pretty good. It keeps the same basic design of the base and works pretty well.

You can scream that an actual game used is better, and it is, but that goes back to what I said up above. Game used letters are rare. There aren’t very many so they end up being very high-end, ie rare, hits. That means most people will never see them.

If you stick with the concept of cards as fun this works just fine.

Now neither hit was a huge name, but that was OK because the huge number of rookies and ‘fractors offset the need for the hits to be massive.

This was easily one of my favorite breaks all time. When I was finished I didn’t feel the need to run to ebay and see what my hits were selling for. There was enough value (enjoyment value not $ value) that I didn’t care.

You can’t look at a message board or read comments on places like becketts blog with out hearing that the hobby is dying and needs a major change. If that is true the change I propose isn’t upping the high-end crap in packs it’s changing the way we as collectors define value.

I propose this

value = enjoyment



4 responses to “Fun, Funner, Funnest…

  1. Shouldn’t cost of the box play a (significant) role in determining value? Would that box have the same amount of value to you if it cost $300? Or $20? Your enjoyment could be the same at the various prices, but the price affects what else you can buy with your finite funds.

    • I never said the cost of the box didn’t factor in. I am saying determining if it was worth the cost should be more than just adding up the dollar value of the cards.

  2. The Pigskin is still my favorite Refractor of all time. I wish they would have included them in more products but knowing Topps they’d be in every set and lose their appeal.

    Nice pull on the McCoy Gold! Nice to get a player of that caliber instead of some guy that didn’t make it out of Training Camp.

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