What is this? the late ’80s…

As a little kid in the late ’70s it was all Steelers for me. As a bigger kid in the ’80s I was happy to cheer for Montana and crew.

Over the last 10-15 years the 49ers slowly sunk to the bottom of the football heap. Then this season happened.

It’s cool to see ’05 #1 pick get some redemption and finally play like a top pick.

Card wise I have a handful of decent Alex Smith cards.
I remember pulling this from a blaster box as a I opened it sitting in a pizza place next to Traget in Norther Va. I was pretty excited. It was short lived. Now it’s a nice little card again.

I was happy to see the Giants mop the floor with the Packers but a showdown of Smith and Rodgers would have been cool.

This card has an interesting story.
I had a stretch where I liked to pick up rookies of the various guys o my Fantasy football team. Silly but whatever.
Gore has a solid career, and at one time was probably the best rookie of the ’05 class.

For a while the ’05 draft class seemed like a bit of a bust. Now it’s pretty solid.

I don’t really care about the AFC championship game next week, it is one of those games where I wish both teams could lose. I don’t dislike either team, but both teams have fan bases that annoy me.

The NFC game should be a lot of fun. I would love to see the Giants head back to the Super bowl, and I think they will, but a Niners win would be OK too.


One response to “What is this? the late ’80s…

  1. I’m pulling for the Niners but the Giant’s would be OK too. I have really enjoyed the playoffs this year.

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