World Premiere preview images…

I was talking with Chris from UD while we put the finishing touches on the interview. I mentioned my love of UMD and asked about the likelihood of getting some preview images of a few of Justin Faulk’s upcoming UD cards.

About an hour ago an e-mail was waiting for me in my account with 7 image files of young Mr. Faulk’s upcoming cards.

I now pressent what is hopeful the first of many Mojo Beard world premiers.

Some of this years Ice have dropped but not this guy. This is a tried and true set that carries a major price tag on the secondary market. This card should be 2nd only to his the Cup rookies.

Next we have an SP Game Used auto
One thing you will notice on these cards, and just about any photo of Justin is the intensity on his face. They may be a little silly but you can tell is %100 in the game.

This looks to be a base rookie. A nice design, the left side looks kinda circuit board-y.

A couple SP authentic cards
Now we are getting somewhere. I love Future Watch autos, I like them even more than the Cup patch/autos. There is something about the nice simple designs and on-card auto that always looks good and clean. This will be very close to the top of the want list when it hits.

OK, this is even better. A great looking card of the kid from south St. Paul.

We have three different SP sets here, a hat trick if you will. These are from SPX
I was a really big fan of last years SPX auto/relic rookies. This up-coming set looks even better. The carbon fiber detail along the bottom is sweet, it looks like the back heel of a skate, very nice hockey look.

If a relic auto is good then a patch auto is great. The more I look at the design the more I like it.

Some great looking card of a great young player.

Of all 7 the UD Ice is my favorite. Anyone that reads the blog on a regular basis knows my love of nice non auto/relic rookies and Ice fits the bill.

Thanks to Chris and the folks at UD for sharing this little appetizer with us.



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