Best art cards ever…

Beckett posted a question on their blog about what is the best art card set.

Personally I am not the biggest fan of artist drawn/painted cards. They can be done very well, as in the case with stuff like Masterpiece or the old Team Pinnacle cards.

I also don’t mind when they take photos and give them a painted look, like Allen and Ginter.

Problem is for every well done painting of a player there is one like this.
To be fair chicle does have some decent paintings, but you get my point.

If I do have to pick a favorite though I am going to go back a little ways, back to about 1992 and a little something called UD Fanimation.
That is an art card right there.

How do you not love seing Marino and Jim Kelly all Imaged out? (Image as in the early ’90s comic book company for those readers that talked to girls in high school)

For as crazy as cards got in the early ’90s it was nothing compared to comic books. Both saw massive overproduction but comics got into this crazy combination of anime influenced armor, giant guns that had square shapped barrels and lots of antena looking things. It was nuts. UD did the logical thing and had the the craziest artists in comics draw up some cards.

This is by Jim Lee, one of the biggest comic artists all time, but even he had a spell of zaniness in the early ’90s. My favorite part is Marino has on all this mad armor yet the top of his head is totally exposed. God I miss the ’90s.

This one is my favorite.
I always thought to myself, “Why doesn’t Mike Singletary wear more neo-futuristic samurai armor?” Luckily Rob Liefeld thought the same thing.

On the flip-side of Jim Lees greatness is Rob Liefeld. He is the epitome of the over the top exaggerated characters of the ’90s. The card above is probably one of his better efforts. He was featured in one of those Spike lee Levis 501 jeans adds, so he has that going for him.

They also did a basketball set.
They traded the giant bulky armor of the football set for spandex and jet packs.

I am having a go at the set but to be honest I think I would watch a game if it was Michael Jordan versus a bunch of gold robots like shown on the card.

There was a hockey Fanimation set, but it is too off the rails.

I say if you are gonna do an art set go for broke. Maybe some cards of Derek Jeter playing baseball versus some zombies? Or something more timely like Dwight Howard dunking on some teenage vampires?

Just a thought.



2 responses to “Best art cards ever…

  1. When I got back into collecting in 2008, it was the 2009 Goudey that hooked me.

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