The Pinnacle of hockey…

I already have two posts about this box, so needless to say it was memorable.

The true starts of this box are the base cards, or more specifically the photos on the base cards. As such I am gonna flip it, flip it for real, and start with the hits and work backwards.

The top hit was the Alyssa Milano fans of the game auto redemption. The Fans of the game set features cards of the three dudes that player the Hanson Brothers in Slap Shot. Pretty badass.

There area number of relic sets.
A decent design for a simple relic card. I am not sure what’s up with the weird cloud thing on the top hald, but i like it. I guess it’s a nighttime sky to go with the game night theme.

I really like this cards. Threads is a pretty tried and true name for a relic set and i like the vibrant colors and bold design.

There is a Pinnacle Black set. The cards are case hits, so pretty rare. And wouldn’t you know I ulled one.
A nice design and or one of the greats. These sell very well on the secondary market. Roy is about a $30 card on ebay, guys like Crosby are closer to $75. a nice little chase.

When I pulled this guy I would have guessed it was a case hit.
The painted look of the acrd reminded me of the old Team Pinnacle inserts.

I like canvas cards, they always feel fancy.

Insert wise these are pretty straight forward.
Young super stars are always good. These were the most common inserts, I got about 8 of them.

I alos pulled 5 of these foil versions.
4 of the 5 were rookies. The scans look very busy, in person they look much better.

If anyone has Justin Faulk’s Pinnacle rookie let me know.

The final insert is a throw back.
A somewhat retro look of some older school dudes. These cards have auto variations that are good sellers.

OK, on to the base cards.

This is a solid base design. When opening the packs I wasn’t sure I liked them. The names are small and hard to see. As I went back through a few times they grew on me. I like the sweeping detail.

The design is good but the photos are what makes this something special.

Typically I drop a handful of cards at most. There are too many good great shots so here is a mess of scans.

A handful of super stars and a great shot of Staal throwing a check. Look at his face, what a great shot.

I know it wasn’t intentional but you have to wonder if this card shows the Crosby we should get used to seeing. Concussions are a bitch.

There is a nice mix of candids and action shots. There are a handful with guys showing off various souvenirs from things like hat trick games, milestones goals etc…

I am not sure which one of the guys in the top left is the subject of the card. The top left card is a great shot of an armpit punch if there ever was one.

I love the shot of Skinner reaching for the score and Ovi celebrating.

Phil’s card looks awesome, a great shot.

I would call this collection of cards “Pucks in Flight”.

I love that you can see the team logos on the pucks on two cards up top.

Some great goalie shots.

Candids. I really like the guy cutting down his stick.

That brings up a point. The backs of these cards feature a write up about the picture on the front. A great touch.

This set is a MUST for any hockey fan. It is a super duper fun break and some really awesome cards. It’s a set that really loves the game.

At only about $50 box it is a steal. I could say something like “Panini shoots ans scores!” But that would be lame so I won’t.



4 responses to “The Pinnacle of hockey…

  1. Those are some awesome cards. They make me wish I had any interest in hockey. It’s definitely one of the best sports for unique photography. I love the “game behind the game” photos, like the cutting down the stick and others. I wish there were more of those in baseball instead of 20 cards of a dude’s batting stance.

  2. These are the best looking hockey cards I’ve seen since 2008-09 Upper Deck. Great photography.

  3. Makes you wonder why they have so much trouble making a basketball set with good photography. Maybe it’s because they don’t have to compete with UD (or anyone else for that matter) on their NBA cards.

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