Enough already…

I was looking at Becketts blog and saw the preview images of Topps Tier 1.
I clicked the link and scanned down the page. I looked at the cards and just was sorta like “hmmm”.

I don’t hate them or anything, I was just whatever.

Look at this card of Ryan Braun.
We get some patch pieces and an auto. Cool right?

I guess

I just don’t like the patinaed old-timey effect on the background.

Topps is a great company that has made tons of great cards, hell they pretty much invented the modern sports card. So why do they need to keep making cards that look “classic” and old timey? We know you have a storied history please stop force-feeding it to us.

Look that this one as well.
ld timey look and an old timey player.

It’s kinda boring right? It’s nothing new; it looks like a high-end set designed to look like a high-end set.

I just can’t bring myself to care about them.

It’s not hard to get my attention. Just put one element that grabs my attention. Be it a cool new design, cleaver use of color, a cool photo, anything, I am really easy to please. But you aint gonna win me over with forced classiness.

I don’t know, maybe I am just in a bad mood.

I do dig this preview scan.

I really like the birdie.



2 responses to “Enough already…

  1. You’ve got the same group of designers cranking out a dozen different sets every year, each with different insert sets… how many new and exciting ideas can they possibly come up with?

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