SP Authentic has the floor…

I wrote up a couple of posts for UD’s blog and in return they sent me some goodies. One of wich being a box of 2011-12 SPA bball.

The set is an NCAA themed set, UDs bread and butter these days. College hoops is huge so there are a ton of fans of various schools that will love picking up players in their college unis. Unfortunately no UMD or UVa players.

The base cards are nice and feature players that entered the 2011 draft and legends.

The legends cards hit all the big dogs, including the two biggest.
No one is bigger than these two so it’s cool to get them, no matter the uniform.

Bonus points for jordan’s old school white socks and shoes.

The first 15 cards are legends, the remaining 35 are current dudes. Here are a few of my favorite legends.
One tall one short. I really like the look of Rose’s card. I like that UD included Clyde and Hakeem cards, a little phi-slama-jama.

I need to point out this card.
Bird may be one of the all-time greats, but he sure was goofy looking.

The current dudes have the same design and look nice. It’s not an NBA draft theme so we get guys from all over the board. The set includes 7 lottery picks.
I really like the inclusion of this guy.
Jimmer has a great name and some real upside. I think he is the best of the bunch. Not a lottery pick but Kawhi Leodard of the Spurs is included in the set and also having a nice little rookie season so far.

I was able to complete two base sets from the box, very nice.

There is just one insert set, well actually there SPs
Not too shabby. The cards seem to be numbered from 51-100. A nice little something for completist set chasers.

Now the hits. The box says 3 hits, but I got 5.

The most basic where a couple of jersey cards.
When I pulled the first I saw the light blue jersey and read “Jordan” on the top and my heart rate spiked. Then I read the rest. Even though it wasn’t a Jordan card it is still a nice enough relic cards of a couple of rookies.

I got one base auto.
Scotty went undrafted and is playing overseas. I hope he makes it to the NBA some day for 2 reason.

– He has a great hair-do, very old school.
– Hopson is too good a name for a hoops player to not be in the NBA.

My other auto is very sweet.
I am on and Adrian Dantley auto streak. I like the letter autos, a nice looking card all around.

The back states the cards spell out “Notre Dame” in case anyone was wondering.

The final hit is one of the bigger deals from the set, even mentioned on the side of the wax box.
A genuine piece of the Carmichael arena floor.

I work at an ACC school and know a ton of UNC folks. I am sure anyone of them would kill for this card.

It’s a solid design, the light blue looks good with the grain of the wood. Kenny Smith is cool too.

The card is thick as all get out.
See what I mean. Thats side by side with a base card.

It was a very fun break and a col product.

Thanks to Chris and his UD brethren.



9 responses to “SP Authentic has the floor…

  1. Are there any NC State players in the set?

  2. hey how thick is the foor pice?

  3. aright thanks

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