It’s good to be…

I was checking out the NBA scoreboard from last night. I was pleased to see the T-Wolves take down the Clippers, this years Miami Heat, with a last second shot from K-Love.

They have a ways to go but the T-Wolves are defiantly improving.

I found my way to the league leaders section and was surprised to see Kevin Love was #4 in scoring. He is slowly becoming one of the premier guys in the league.


If you look at his per game average since his rookie season it is a pretty steady increase.

Add in his rebounding and you have a pretty crazy sick player.

I was also glad to see this guy at #3


Since I was a kid I have had a natural attraction towards players named Kevin. What could be better than 2 Kevins in the top 4 for scoring.

Childish, for sure. But hey no other name has two in the top 4. That and my dad can beat up your dad.

-K- aka Kevin


2 responses to “It’s good to be…

  1. Man how much better would that Kevin Love card be if Topps had abbreviated to T-Wolves at the top like they did with Diamondbacks. It just looks so weird with the small bubbles.

  2. LOVE! UCLA! Exclamation points!!!!

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