To peel or not to peel…

When I got home from work last night there was a a nice phat manila envelope sitting on the counter waiting to be torn open.

The return adress was Topps so I knew it was my Diamond giveaway cards.

There was a nice little stack highlighted by the two die-cut cards.


I got the Cory Hart from a redemption code I entered (actually it was my wife’s code). I traded some early ’60s commons in my account for the Danny V.

I like the look of the cards.

I have been a fan of Valencia since he was in the minors and have always liked Cory Hart. He is a solid B level player that has shown signs of greatness.

The cards have a little clear plastic protective cover. I don’t plan on ever selling these so I pulled that crap off.

What about other folks? Did you leave on the film or peal?


5 responses to “To peel or not to peel…

  1. Pealed my only one, of Kershaw.

  2. I’ve got the seven Cubs….peeled them all!

  3. They’re almost ugly if you don’t peel them. I’ve got 5 and peeled them all the instant I got ’em.

  4. My two are still in the plastic holders they shipped in – I didn’t even realize there was another layer of plastic involved.

  5. I peeled mine. They are for my collection so I want them looking their best.

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