AFC and NFC championship predictions, guest blogger…

In a little over an hour The Pats face off against the Ravens, followed by the 49ers and Giants at 6:30.

By this evening we will know the Super Bowl match up. In the meantime I found someone that already knows.

A&G Nostradamus

K- So Nos’, who ya got in the AFC?

A&G Nostradamus- In the City of chowder, well actually a non-descript suburb just outside of the city of chowder, two titans will clash.

The battle will be hard, and Ray Lewis will wear face paint, but the warriors of the city of charm will fall.

Tom Brady and his master will toss forth the skin of the pig to run up the score late in the 3rd.

Even with out the man that doesn’t understand Spanish number structure they will prevail on the back of the Gronk.

K- Very interesting Mr. Tradomus, and strangely specific.

A&G Nostradomus- I have been watching a lot of sports center and have a ton of cash on both games so i took a long hard look at this one. I am not going to say I have pulled vague predictions out of my ass in the past, but I am definitely not ding it here.

K- So what about the NFC, this should prove to be a very interesting game, both teams are hot going into San Fran.

A&G Nostradomus- Oh, I’m sorry are you the one with the funny hat? Are you the much revered French seer?

K- Ummm, No, I was just…

A&G Nostradomus- OK then shut your pie hole. Where was I…oh yes.

In the city by the bay the seekers of the gold and the gargantuan men of the new city of York…

K- Gargantuan men from the new city of York, seriously that the best you can come up with? How about the big guys from the big Apple, ya two bit hack.

A&G Nostradomus- You are the one that asked me to do this, I was happy just chillin out in your binder. But if you want to get personal how about this.

In the Valley of Shanadoah a dickhead with a blog will stub his toe and cry to mommy like a litte bi…

K- Hey, stop this is a family site OK, just cool your Apothacraian jets, I was just saying gargantuan instead of Giants shows a little lack of imagination, come one man.

A&G Nostradomus- Well I already used Titans in the AFC predictions, we don’t really have thesauruses in the 16th century ya know.

K- Whatever dude, just get to the prediction already.

A&G Nostradomus- Giants by 10.



5 responses to “AFC and NFC championship predictions, guest blogger…

  1. Ha, ha! Go Giants!

  2. Bravo! I’m totally contrary, though. 49ers-Ravens.

  3. I hope it’s 49ers and the Ravens. I really hate the Giants and the Pats.

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