QB debate…

In honor of the NFC and AFC Championship games we need to settle the debate once an for all, who is the better QB.

The Young Gun


The Express

Both are tough guys that can take a hit. Both have arm strength and can bring some heat.

So who do you take in the fight?

I have to go with the Russian myself. Look at that form, eyes looking down the field, both feet on the ground ready to toss a bomb.



4 responses to “QB debate…

  1. I’d say if you can throw a football while on skates, you win.

  2. 1. Ryan is from Texas, where they do nothing but play and watch football
    2. If someone tried to sack him he’d put them in a headlock
    3. He could throw a ball about two football fields’ worth

    Q.E.D. Nolan Ryan > Alex Ovechkin

  3. Pretty sure The Express can throw the pigskin at least a quarter-mile so gotta go with him.

  4. I am not sure how far Ryan can toss a ball. He has power sure, but rarely ever threw more than 46 feet.

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