Unhealthy obsession…

Ever since seeing it for the first time I have been obsessed with this card.

Holy $#!* look at that maniac.

Goldie was the influence for the infamous Ogie Ogilthorpe.
It’s funny but the movie parody of Goldie looks far less crazy and scary.

Goldie has a badass, regarded as one of the most feared guys to ever strap on a pair of skates. He suited up with both the Leafs and Penguins but never played in an NHL game. He should be in the Hall of Fame for the hair alone.

Near I can tell this is his first card. The card sells for around $15-$20 on ebay. A steal considering his place in hockey lore. I still don’t think I will ever pick one up. There is something unsettling about the picture and I think it would freak me out a little.



One response to “Unhealthy obsession…

  1. Goldie’s first cards were in the 2005-06 Tough Customers boxed set from In The Game. He also had memorabilia cards in that product.

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