Card envy…

I saw this card on the old interwebs the other day.
Day-um, what a beaut.

It’s part of group of cards going up for auction from a private collection.

I am not the biggest Rose fan, in fact he seems like a bit of a jerk, but you can’t deny the coolness factor of this card. I placed it #3 on my all time greatest Topps list. It is such an epic and timeless card. This example in particular is amazing. look at those corners and color. Sweetness.

I would love to have this card simpley because of it’s significance to baseball and the hobby.

I bet it sells for well over $50, easy.



6 responses to “Card envy…

  1. With it being a PSA 9, I’m thinking it’ll sell for something stupid like $5,000 or so. I’d be willing to spend $100 or so on it myself and I am a notorious tightwad.

  2. I have an ungraded one that I don’t think I’ve ever posted. It looks similar to that one. Who’s got five grand?

  3. Love or hate Rose. That is an awesome card!

  4. That is a nice card, in great shape too. I have an ungraded 64 Rose that was part of my uncles childhood collection he gave me. I like the 64 better, mostly because of the trophy and he’s all by himself. Still, the 63 is in my top 10 rookies to own someday.

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