More diamond swag…

I posted about the two Diamond die-cut cards I got from Topps last week. In the package were a few other cards.

Two of these guys I traded for but one came straight from the redemption code. Easily the best card I have landed straight from a redemption code from either of Topps giveaways. A certain sure fire HOFer.
A little on the rough side but still pretty darn cool.

It is one of few cards worth a damn from the late ’80s. ’89 Topps is one of my favorite designs all time.

The next card came from a trade for some random early ’60s commons. It is from another one of my favorite designs.
1988 holds a special place in my families collecting history. I was collecting cards before ’88 but that was the year it become a family obsession. I have great memories of opening ’88 Topps packs with my dad, brother and sister. My mom just kinda watched.

At the time vets like Strawberry, Mattingly, Puckett and Bonds were the guys that got us excited. Now Ken here is one of the few cards worth more than a couple of dimes from the set. A pretty cool get.

The final card is a no-brainer.
Boo-yah. I traded a couple of 1974 commons for this guy, a steal.

I love Herbie and the 1984 design. I miss the old road unis. A win all around.

I have a few more cards in my account. Unless I can trade them for something worthwhile they will most likely stay there until the promotion expires.

I am a fan of these redemption and hope Topps can keep doing them.



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