Forget Eli…

For some reason Eli Manning’s comments at the beginning of the season calling himself an elite QB has caused “controversy”. I don’t get why anyone would get all worked up over Eli, or any QB for that matter, saying he is elite. I mean would you want a QB that say “Yeah I’m just OK.”


This got me thinking. If Eli wins another ring does he move into the number 1 Giants QB spot?

I say No. That spot belongs to one guy and one guy only.
I don’t want to brag but a few facts about this card:

– It is his rookie card
– It is all mine


The Hoss took over for an injured Phil Simms in mid December 1990 and took the Giants on a crazy run that ended with a Super Bowl win. Plus he has a hall of fame caliber mustache.
That aint no ironic hipster growth, that is a no joke ‘stache.

Up until he took over he had thrown just over 100 yards in his 7 years as a back up.

Even though his rookie season was 1984 his first card didn’t show up until 1990. In an age where even 7th rounders get a handful of cards it’s crazy to imagine waiting 7 years for a dude to show up on cardboard.


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