Next stop, Cooperstown?

I am a little late with this, but whatever.

After 17 season, 4 World Series titles and a mess of other achievements #20 is calling it quits.

His production has dropped and last season it became obvious the old man’s service were no longer needed by the Yankees.

He could have found some swings as a DH for another team but he decided to just bow out. A pretty classy move. It will help his legacy for sure. I don’t fault guys that hang on a few extra years though but I do like a dude that plays his entire career in one uniform.

He had a great run, the aforementioned rings, as well as playing in two other fall classics. He was also a 5 time all-star.
Most importantly he and fellow Yankees Jeter and Mo were the face of the late ’90s early ’00s Yankees. Love them or hate them you must admit they had a hell of a run.

He also picked up 5 silver sluggers. All in all not too bad for a 24th rounder.

His numbers were solid for a catcher and that combined with his place on 4 world championship squads gives him a solid shot at the Hall. It may not be fair but pinstripes has it’s privileges.

I always liked Jorge and hate to see him go. I have a decent chunk of his cards, my favorite being this guy.



3 responses to “Next stop, Cooperstown?

  1. He was a good catcher, but if he even sniffs the Hall, I am done with it. He only had 1600+ hits, even for a catcher that isn’t nearly enough. Take away the pinstripes and you have Javy Lopez who got one vote this year. I guess this will be a good experimental subject to see how much being a Yankee is worth.

  2. I think he is deserves to be the Hall. Gammons listed some of his stats on MLB Network the other day and they were right up there…not with Piazza but up there. I think the “Core Four” will all get in.

  3. He gets in after Lance Parrish does.

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