Bold prediction…

I say by the end of the NBA season this card will be the most valuable card in my collection.
It is currently selling for around $200. If K Love can keep it up and finishes in the top pack for scoring and take the title for rebounds he could start moving into D Rose and Kevin Durrant territory. I am not saying he will be the same value as these guys just in that league. If he some how wins the scoring title I could see it heading north of a G.

I picked this guy up for less than $30 a few years ago, not a bad get.



4 responses to “Bold prediction…

  1. I’m glad for you, Kevin but I don’t know that I’ll ever understand that Kevin Love’s (or anyone like him’s) autographs can be worth more than say Larry Bird and Bill Russell combined. I guess supply and demand doesn’t always make sense. As for me, I’ll take Bird and Russell.

  2. I’m majorly jealous….that’s a beaut.

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