Gotta get that green…

The card world is buzzing about the recent monster sales of a handful of Panini Totally Certified green parallels. The cards are numbered to 5 and have been selling in the 4 figure range for the biggest names. Even the non-auto version are banking serious coin.

Check out this Rondo Green.
Cool enough looking card. It just sold for a mind shattering $400!

Low numbered basketball parelells have a hell of a history. The Precious Metal and Jambalaya cards from the late ’90s sells for thousands. I guess Panini is trying to recapture the glory, and they seem to have succeeded.

It could be a small number of super collectors trying to finish sets that are driving up the cost, but I think it may be something else. I think folks are getting tired of autos and relics. They are looking for something different. Grabbing a nice looking low numbered set of cards makes for a nice change of pace.

Boxes have jumped in price, selling around $150 but if you have a little extra cash sitting around you can roll the dice, maybe hit it big. This guy just sold for $1500.

I hope the gold parallel autos numbered to 10 catch fire. If so I am sitting on a gold mine.


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