I am sure you have seen this card.
It’s become the talk of blogs, message boards and even those outside the hobby. My friend Kirby from work (a non collector) sent me a story on Yahoo about the card. I sent her back a scan of my Poley Walnuts card.
Who would have guessed we would have two squirrel cards in a five year span.

I like both cards. The Schumaker card is especially cool. It was such a funny moment from a memorable post season. Pretty cool.

So which one is your favorite?



2 responses to “Squirrels…everywhere!!!

  1. I understand the Schumaker card. I have no idea what the Poley Walnuts is all about.

  2. I like the poley walnuts. Just because it’s a better picture. The close up of the Schumaker card just isn’t a good picture – while you can see the whole thing on the poley card.

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