2012 Topps baseball is live…

I am gonna go out on a limb and say this is the best day of the collecting year. The release of Topps baseball. No matter what you think about things you have to admit the first Topps cards of the year is cause for excitement.

On the way home from work I swung by Target and picked up a couple of blasters. When I got hom my wife and I cracked them open, here is what we got.

The base design is cool enough.
The scans really show off the one problem I have with the design. I don’t like the black box behind the last name. I just don’t think it’s necessary.

I like the little sun-ray looking deal around the team logo. Subtle but adds a lot.

I love that they used a shot of James in the throwback. What a great shot of Ben Revere doing a Superman impression.

The card backs are really nice.
I love that they have the same design element on the back as the front, well done.

I got 4 packs of the Traget red broder varients.
A very classic Jeter shot. I don’t like the red border though.

The highlight of the product IMHO and i am sure something that will prove very popular are the ’87 minis.
I am not typically a fan of minis but these are a lot of fun. I really like that they went with the old school backs. A great insert.

Not so great are these.
If they moved the medallion looking thing down, or made the writing under the medallion more pronounced it would have helped balance out the card. The Mattingly is just bad. It’s too square on top and too washed out on the bottom. I do like the photo of Donny though.

I like the look of the Gold Futures card. I alos like that name for a set based on prospects. It reminds me of 2007 sweet spot jersey cards. The Babe doesn’t work but I am not sure why.

The glittery gold cards are back.
I like these, I also like the two players shown here. I think Parmelee will be the next big things for the Twins.The Choice card looks really good in gold. Choice has a lot of nice looking cards.

The little blaster box manu-patch cards are back. This year there seem to be two different types.
I dig it. The flannel background is cool and has a nice old school feel. I am a fan.

I really like this one.
The circle with the manu-patch numbers looks great on the card. It really does look like the retired number deals they put on the outfield walls in stadiums. A top notch manu-patch card. Very well done.

I love the base cards and ’87 minis. I am not the biggest fans of the inserts, but no big deal. The card year is off to a good start.

No squirrel though, bummer.


One response to “2012 Topps baseball is live…

  1. Really like that Koufax card. A nice change from the previous years manu-patches. That being said, WTF, with the Dimaggio card. Don’t understand that concept at all.

    As a Yankee fan, I’m in deep trouble with the retired numbers, the Yankees have the most retired numbers in sports.

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