Getting a little political…

Here at the Mojo Beard we like to live by the bartenders credo, no religion and no politics.

Sometimes you have to break the rules, now is one of those times.

I came across this card and have have to put it up.


No offense to the Republican readers but Bo is by far the best White house dog of the last 20 years. Barney was a fine dog but look at Bo up there, he is just so cuddly.

All that aside it is a fine looking card. I like the design with nice norther view of the White House in the background and the ghosted image of the Presidential Seal. The painted image of Bo is also very nice.

I wish the had gone with “Bo-bama” as the name on front, but hey you can’t have everything.

The first place my wife and I lived after getting married was 5 blocks from the White House so I can get behind any set based on 1600 PA ave.



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