It’s just crazy talk…

I don’t get the discusion about what the Colts should do regarding Peyton Manning.
Why would they do anything but keep him around? I say this for a few reasons.

– He is THE face of the franchise and still a huge draw/selling point
– He helped make the Colts who they are, so the Colts should have some loyalty
– He is still Peyton Manning, one of the great QBs all time.
– The Colts will most likely draft Luck and having Peyton around gives them two options
— Peyton plays a few more years giving Luck time to develop (Aaron Rodgers style)
— Peyton isn’t the starter and hangs out and helps develop Luck

– The final reason is the biggest, they blew without him this past season.

I can’t fathom why Irsay would be saying the crap he is and risk forcing the face of his team out of town. It’s madness.

Anyway, I love my Absolute Peyton up there. The blue foil is nice and bold and the little die-cut corner is pretty cool. My favorite of all Peyton RCs.



6 responses to “It’s just crazy talk…

  1. I completely agree. My thing is, if you can’t figure out which player (Luck vs peyton) you would be better off with next year, let them fight it out in preseason. If Peyton looks good and Luck doesn’t, YOU STILL HAVE PEYTON FrEAKING MANNING. If Lucks looks good and you want him to start, shop Peyton around then. All this offseason talk is just plain stupid. Let the chips fall and evaluate when you start playing football next fall.

  2. I simply wouldn’t want to pay a guy $28 Million when he’s not 100% (medically cleared but still not 100%) and probably 1 hit away from calling it a career. Best case scenario – the Colts offer Peyton a deal to be an ambassador of the team (much like the Packers did for Brett Favre); Peyton accepts the deal, calls it a career, and enjoys a futre with the ability to function properly.

  3. The discussion is because they have to give him a 28 Million dollar check if they keep him and at this point don’t know if he will ever play the game again. If he is healthy it is a no brainer, pay him the money and trade of the draft choice. But nobody knows if he will be able to play like Peyton Manning again.

  4. It’s Peyton Manning. Indy has to sign him. The worst case scenario is not that you pay Peyton 28 Million and he goes down next year and you have to start Andrew Luck as a rookie. The absolute worst case scenario is Irsay gets cheap, dumps Peyton, who immediately signs with Miami, Indy drafts Luck, who then craps the bed under pressure while Peyton proceeds to eat Indy’s lunch as a Dolphin and the entire franchise gets trainwrecked for a decade. Despite all the drama, the Favre/Rodgers thing worked out pretty damn well for the Packers and Indy should be seriously looking at that option.

  5. I think Indy should let Peyton go, let him prove he’s healthy somewhere else. Just because he’s been cleared to play doesn’t mean he’ll be anywhere close to where he was before the injury. Save the $28M, draft Luck and start him, just like they did with Peyton since that seemed to work out pretty well the first time around.

  6. I would love if they kept Peyton and drafted and kept Luck. But I don’t know if Irsay is willing to pay all that money for 2 QB’s. If signing your draft picks out of college wasn’t such a huge expense, it wouldn’t be an issue but they want to pay these kids millions upon millions and they’ve never had a pro snap. But if Manning is healthy, I don’t see how the Colts could drop him. They would lose a huge fan base with a move like that.

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