Guess who won NFL MVP, it was zzzzzzzzzzzz…

The NFL MVP award is one of the most boring awards in sports, there I said it.

Football is all about the QB, the news, fantasy football, the draft, card collecting all really focus on the QBs.

It’s boring.

Anyway here is your 2011 NFL MVP.
Wow, big surprise there. You could have guessed this before the season even started. I just don’t care about this. No excitement at all.

This isn’t a dig at Aaron Rodgers. He had a great year. I am just bored with the QB dominance in every aspect of football. Look at the Super Bowl, it’s all about can Eli beat Tom Brady.

That leads me to another point. The whole QB versus QB deal, it’s silly. They are never even on the field together. Seriously two QBs playing in completely different games have about as much interaction as the two QBs playing in a game.

I know it makes for a great story, and sure who ever has the better showing will help bring a big “W” to their team, but they aren’t really squaring off against one another the way say two point guards do, or even guys like Ovi and Crosby. They at least have a shot as making some contact.

Back to the MVP thing.

I just wish we got more non QB winners.

I don’t even have an alternative pick. I hesitate to even try, I mean I will just do something crazy and pick a guy like Jared Allen.

At least I won’t fall back on my MVP choice form the beginning of the season.

Well congrats to Aaron Rodgerssssss…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Sorry I fell asleep there.



2 responses to “Guess who won NFL MVP, it was zzzzzzzzzzzz…

  1. As much as I despise the quarterbacks in the league…Payton Manning should have been the MVP. Hands down, no questions asked.

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