Links links and more links…

Sorry for the lack of posts the last two days, my kids and I have all been sick.

I am doing some house keeping here at the Mojo Beard. One of the places in need of a great deal of attention is the links to our fellow bloggers blogs.

I was starting to go through and figure out what sites are still active but it was taking forever so lets go at it this way.

If you have a blog and want it links just leave a comment with your blog name and blog address. Feel free to let any blogging brothers and sister know.



13 responses to “Links links and more links…

  1. It’s not totally about cards anymore (and was never really supposed to be)…

    The Writer’s Journey

  2. I’d be happy with another link.

    Thanks a bunch.

  3. LYNX!
    Add me! You know the letters!

  4., brandie new, be gentle with comments.


    Thanks so much!

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