Are you ready for some baseball!!!

Football is behind us. I love football but it is so damn stressful. Every Sunday is an edge of the seat nightmare for the fans.

Baseball on the other hand is a nice meander. Each game ultimately matters (especially to a Twins fan after a handful of one game playoffs) but the longer season doesn’t cause the same stress.

To get prepared I acquired this sweet card from the other Kevin.
A thing of beauty. I have been dreaming of this card since Danny went #2 in the draft last summer.

Kevin at the Sports Card Blog pulled the card in his Panini sponsored break of a box of EEE. I sent him a handful of cards and a few days later this bad boy was mine. K2 also sent me a sweet stack of bonus cards I will post at a future date.

Danny has a bright future ahead of him and is in a system that has turned out a few of the more exciting young pitchers of late. He is easily the most MLB ready of his class and I could see him getting a call up this year, especially with the loss of Pineda.

The card looks sweet in hand. Even through they had to airbrush the logo you can still recognize the blue and orange.


2 responses to “Are you ready for some baseball!!!

  1. What really makes that card is the on-card signature. The stickers don’t look terrible but there is nothing like an on-card autograph.

  2. I hate you just a bit right now! I was just looking at his cards on ebay and am going to try to pick up the non signed leaf and EEE cards but damn thats a sweet card.

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