A perfect card?

I was flipping through some older cards and came across this little guy.
The more I look at it the more I think this is a perfect card.

The design is one of my favorites. The simple top and bottom border in the primary team color, with the nice secondary color accent on the bottom. It’s bold yet simple. The colors in the photo work so well with the border, it’s like the border grew out of the photo.

It’s a great shot of Barry tearing it up, the ball nice and tight, his eyes looking downfield ready to make a move. You can just imagine him jumping over a safety diving at his feet right after this picture was taken.

Finally from a subject standpoint no player more exemplified early ’90s football cardboard than Barry.

It’s a card where the total is more than the sum of it’s parts.




4 responses to “A perfect card?

  1. I completely agree. I like when the card design reflects the team colors, but still lets the photography be the star. Of course, being Barry Sanders makes it hard to beat, anyway.

  2. Well done, I agree. The Pro Set cards have always been some of my favorites, probably because it’s when I started collecting as a kid. I remember chasing the Rocket Ismail card from the 1991 set since our LCS owner was paying big money for them.

  3. Pro set is pretty cool. I wasn’t collecting when it was released, but when I see singles at a flea market or a card shop I try to pick some up. The cool thing for me is that you can see Barry’s eyes. Sometimes with football photography the shadow from the helmet obscures the persons face too much. The team colored border is cool too.

  4. Awesome post! Just yesterday, I was sitting at the flea market selling some junk and a guy picked up my 1990 Pro Set Bo Jackson card and bought it. I too was saying that it’s one of my favorites from the 90’s… sometimes the simplest things are just better.

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